Needs analysis and specification

For the needed position:

  • Experience
  • Competence profile
  • Geography
  • Remuneration span
  • Start of assignment
  • -End of assignment (when applicable)

Search and pre-screening

  • Search in GCS database
  • Search through GCS continuously expanding international network of skilled construction professionals
  • Search in open source database (when applicable)
  • Advertising – online and/or print (when applicable)


  • Presentation of pre-screened profiles matching specification
  • Short listing of 1-3 candidates
  • Short listing of additional issues connected to the short listed candidates


  • Job interviews with selected candidates
  • Control of qualifications through references, open source information, universities, and government entities (where possible) etc
  • Legal background check (when applicable)


  • Detailed presentation of candidates
  • Selection of final candidate


  • Negotiation of terms for employment (permanent recruitment)
  • Negotiation of terms for hire (Temporary staffing)

Contract signing

  • Contract signing with individual (permanent recruitment)
  • Contract signing with GCS (temporary staffing)


  • 6 month after starting date of assignment (permanent recruitment)
  • 1st week follow-up at initiation of assignment
  • Monthly follow-up during time of assignment with GCS staff and client or client representative.

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